Single Stream Recycling Graphic
Single Stream Recycling

The Point Pleasant Borough School District' practices single stream recycling, a recycling system in which all recyclables are co-mingled and placed in a single receptacle for pick up and processing. Single stream recycling is more convenient that previous methods of recylcing because it allows the user to mix plastic, glass, paper and metal together in one bin. By allowing for a single pick up, single stream recycling has proven more cost-effective than traditional recycling; plus, fewer pick ups leads to decreased road traffic from loud and high emission producing waste management vehicles, positively impacting the environment. The system has also shown to increase participation in recycling due to the simplicity of not having to separate recyclables according to material.

Though single stream recycling is undoubtedly simpler than the previous method of sorting all recyclables, the system is not without rules, which is why Point Pleasant Borough High School AV/Tech teacher Mr. Casalino enlisted the help of his students to create educational videos about the process.

The videos specify what items constitute recycling versus what is garbage. They also state the benefits of participating in single stream recycling.

Please click links below to view the videos.

Panthers' News

Point Pleasant Borough High School's news segment announcing the District's adoption of single stream recycling.

Single Stream Recycling Movie 1

Single Stream Recycling Movie 2