It is the belief of the Point Pleasant School District that student achievement depends upon the dynamic interaction between teachers and students as they engage in the day-to-day efforts of teaching and learning. Teachers identify learning goals, assess students’ strengths and needs, and plan instruction. Students must practice skills and refine concepts, applying the timely and specific feedback teachers provide to help them improve student performance. Teachers continually gather information about student learning and adjust their instruction accordingly to ensure student success on tasks and assessments that synthesize the content and skills addressed during instruction.

The methods and processes teachers use to gather evidence of student learning are ruled by the following Board of Education policies:

Parent Portal facilitates a positive free flow of communication between students, parents and teachers, giving parents real time access to student achievement data, attendance data and assignments. Parents, students and teachers all have the same data access, thus allowing for more productive parent conferencing, more awareness of student responsibility and higher expectation for achievement.

Portal Login


How do I login to Parent Portal?
Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. Click here to go to the Point Pleasant Schools' Parent Portal. Enter the username and password that was supplied to you.

What information is available?
After logging into the portal, parents may view their child's Attendance, Schedule, Daily grades, Report Cards and Interim information. 
The 'Attendance' link indicates year to date absences and tardies, distinguishing between excused and unexcused.
The 'Gradebook' link allows parents to view daily grades and Marking Period averages.

Regular assignments should be posted within five days.

What does it mean if there is no grade listed?
If the assignment grade is blank, the teacher has likely not yet input the grade into the Portal. Missing assignments are assigned a zero. If you have a question please contact your child's teacher.

Can anyone view my child's information?
The Parent Portal is password protected. Please keep your login and password secure. If you feel your login information has been compromised, please click here.

Trouble logging on?
If you forgot your username/password or are locked out, please email or call (732) 701-1900 extension 2512 and provide your name, your child's name, grade & school. Login information will not be released to students.