About Uspaws


Point Pleasant Borough High School's JUST AROUND THE CORNER school store offers for purchase a large selection of high quality Panther Pride and school spirited clothing and merchandise, as well as school supplies, stationary needs, and handmade holiday gift items. The school store is presented, maintained and made possible by the high school's Multiply Disabled/Transition class.


JUST AROUND THE CORNER is contained within Point Pleasant Borough High School's cafeteria. The store sells to Point Pleasant Borough High School's student body and faculty a variety of items. Community members and alumni may also purchase store merchandise via email or by attending one of the store's biannual open houses.


One of the most unique aspects of JUST AROUND THE CORNER - and what sets it apart from other school stores - is the Multiply Disabled students' involvement. Students in the Multiply Disabled and Transition classes are not only responsible for creating many of the items, but also tasked with stocking the store, placing orders, and handling financial transactions, resulting in a comprehensive retail experience. 


The store provides not only a vehicle for students to learn the basics of retail management but also program funding solutions as all proceeds from the store are used to help fund various classroom initiatives, including some of the many classroom trips the students take, which succeeds in promoting the students further integration into their home community. Plus, the increased vocational sufficiency the students gain from working at JUST AROUND THE CORNER improve their opportunities for post-graduation employment.


A purchase made from JUST AROUND THE CORNER, is so much more than high-quality merchandise and spirit wear, it's a show of support for the Life Skills program and its students.