Immunization Requirements

In order to attend school, a student must have proof of receiving the following immunizations. Students will not be permitted to attend school without receiving all the required vaccines for their age group.

It is your responsibility to have your child immunized and to provide the school with a medically verified, date- and dose- specific immunization record for all required immunizations he/she has received. This is required for school admission.

New Jersey Minimum Immunization Requirements for Kindergarten-Grade 12 Attendance N.J.A.C. 8:57-4 Immunization of Pupils in School

Required Vaccinations

Pre-K to Grade 5

  • DTaP: Four Vaccines
  • Polio: Three Vaccines
  • Varicella: One Vaccine, unless child has already had chickenpox
  • MMR: Two Vaccines
  • Hepatitis B: 3 Vaccines

Grade 6 and above

  • DTaP: One Vaccine
  • Meningococcal: One Vaccine

school nurses
Chris Russell
Ocean Road Elementary School Nurse
 (732) 701-1900 ext. 4122

Jill Lebret
Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School Nurse
 (732) 701-1900 ext. 5209
Deb Ewtushek
Memorial Middle School Nurse
 (732) 701-1900 ext. 2303

Cindi Barry
Point Pleasant Borough High School Nurse
 (732) 701-1900 ext. 2215

      Universal Child Health Record
      Emergency Health Care Plan
      Medication Administration Form
      Medical Marijuana Consent
      Permission to Self-Medicate
      Asthma Treatment Plan
      Seizure Action Plan