JUNE 2019 Schedules

Please click on the links below to download and print out our monthly calendars.
Please note the due date to submit each calendar in order to avoid paying a late charge.

Please note:  Your child must be registered with Child Care to utilize these schedules.

Nellie Bennett
Nellie Bennett School
 AM Schedule  PM Schedule

Ocean Road
Ocean Road School
 AM Schedule  PM Schedule

*We require a 48-hour notice (2 working days) to add any days to a schedule once submitted.
If any changes are accepted to change a child’s schedule, it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the child’s teacher.
Please call extension 5206 to make any schedule changes.

Panther Place Child Care Contact Information

Panther Place Child Care Program Supervisor:
Mrs. Lauren Rohmeyer
(732) 701-1900 ext. 4111

Panther Place Child Care Secretary:

Mrs. Jeannine Holloway
(732) 701-1900 ext. 5206

Panther Place Child Care Office is located in the Main Office of Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School.

Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School
2000 Riviera Parkway
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
(732) 701-1900 ext. 5206/5205
Site Supervisor: Mrs. Jill Hammell
Site Cell Phone: 732-600-2793

Ocean Road Elementary School
Benedict St.
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
(732) 701-1900 ext. 5206/4111
Site Supervisor: Ms. Nicole Letts
Site Cell Phone: 732-552-5441