2100 Panther Path, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742  |  (732) 701-1900  

Panther Place Child Care Contact Information

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Panther Place Child Care Program Supervisor:

Mrs. Lauren Rohmeyer
(732) 701-1900 ext. 4111

Panther Place Child Care Secretary:

Mrs. Jeannine Holloway
(732) 701-1900 ext. 5206

Panther Place Child Care Office is located in the Main Office of Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School

Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School
2000 Riviera Parkway
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
(732) 701-1900 ext. 5206/5205
Site Supervisor:  Mrs. Jill Hammell
Site Cell Phone:  732-600-2793

Ocean Road Elementary School
Benedict St.
Point Pleasant, NJ  08742
(732) 701-1900 ext. 5206/4111
Site Supervisor:  Ms. Nicole Letts
Site Cell Phone:  732-552-5441

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