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Panthers Support Hurricane Relief
How to help
· GlobalGiving Foundation
· United Way Donation Requests:
   New Pillows; New Blankets; New Towels;
   Size 5/6 Diapers; New Bed Sheets; Rakes;
   Mops; Tarps; Laundry Detergent; New
   Clothes, All Sizes (No socks or underwear)

Once again, we, who survived Hurricane Sandy, find us in the familiar position of being both shocked and saddened by the catastrophic impact Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have had on the Texas and Florida areas respectively. These back-to-back storms, characterized as two of the worst national disasters since at least Hurricane Katrina and possibly ever, destroyed entire swaths of the Greater Houston area, parts of Florida, Puerto Rico and a number of Caribbean Islands.  Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced and entire islands are essentially destroyed following these two devastating storms. And to make matters worse, Hurricane Maria is now poised to follow in Irma’s catastrophic path.

As we watch in horror as these “historic” storms continue to occur with increasing frequency we are reminded of our own “once in a lifetime” storm experiences with Hurricane Sandy. As we recall those difficult days during Sandy's aftermath, we are also reminded of the extraordinary goodwill and generosity shown our area from supporters from around the globe, including from Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. It was this support that facilitated the realization that we would recover, and that we would eventually Restore Our Shore.  Our common experiences in these natural disasters unite us. We both sympathize and empathize with the people affected by Harvey and Irma, and it is this unique perspective that demands we extend our hands, in the same way that countless hands were extended to us in Sandy's wake. 

The Point Pleasant Borough School District is in the process of coordinating local fundraising efforts to benefit both hurricane’s recovery efforts for which we ask your support. In addition to district-specific fundraisers, the district will be announcing additional fundraisers in the coming days. Please check the district and school websites for information regarding fundraisers. I ask that you please help promote and raise awareness for the district’s fundraising efforts. If you have any questions or would like to discuss fundraising ideas, please contact Jacquie Goss at (732) 701-1900 extension 2425 or jgoss@pointpleasant.k12.nj.us.

We are fortunate to live in a town where the residents understand and appreciate the true meaning of community. I was incredibly proud of our town in the days following Sandy as we all rallied together in support of our neighbors, but that’s nothing compared to the pride I feel when we, as a community, extend our hearts and hands to those in need from afar. I sincerely hope that you join us as we pay some of our good fortune forward in support of the people affected by Harvey and Irma.

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Superintendent of Schools


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