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The Point Pleasant Borough Board of Education directs the establishment and conduct of bidding procedures that serve the public interest and provide each qualified vendor an equal opportunity to furnish goods and services to the district.

The Purchasing Department works under the auspices of the School Business Administrator to prepares and coordinates all specifications for acquiring instructional materials, commodities, equipment, furnishings, services, construction and renovation projects for the Point Pleasant Borough School District. The department’s primary goal is to facilitate the timely acquisition of goods and services.

The Purchasing Department is mindful of its responsibility and accountability in the spending of public funds. School Board Policy directs the department to engage in a competitive bidding process. Purchasing strives to ensure that all bid specifications and contract documents are designed to obtain the most cost-effective quality goods and services for the students and taxpayers of Point Pleasant Borough.

Contracts are awarded, on a resolution duly adopted by the Board, to the lowest responsible bidder who submits the lowest responsible bid. The Board may choose to reject all bids, to readvertise, or to purchase under a State contract. The Board may disqualify a bidder who would otherwise be determined to be the lowest responsible bidder in accordance with N.J.S.A.18A:18A-4. Whenever two or more bids are the lowest bids submitted by responsible bidders,the Board shall determine to which bidder the contract will be awarded.

Questions should directed to the Business Office via email or by calling 732-701-1900 during normal business hours.

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