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Point Pleasant Borough Schools' Food Services

The Point Pleasant School District recognizes the mid-day meal as an important part of each student's school day. The Superintendent shall ensure a wholesome, nutritious food services program in the district and one which reinforces the concepts of nutrition education as taught in the classrooms of the Point Pleasant Borough School District. The district is committed to providing students with healthy and nutritious meal choices through their breakfast and lunch programs.

School Lunch Program

Students may bring their lunch or purchase lunch at school. Students who bring their lunch may purchase milk or dessert. The cost to purchase lunch at the elementary schools is $3.00 and $3.50 at the middle school. High school lunch is $3.75. Reduced lunch price for all district schools is $.40. Information regarding free or reduced meals and milk will be sent home with students as well as published in the local newspaper.

School Breakfast Program

Breakfast is offered in each school prior to the start of the school day. The cost to purchase breakfast is $2.00 at the elementary schools and $2.25 at the middle and high schools. Reduced breakfast cost is $.30 at all district schools. Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch will also receive free or reduced breakfast.

Please Note: Any funds remaining in a student's SchoolCafe account after a student has left the Point Pleasant School District is non-refundable and considered forfeit.

  - USDA Nondiscrimination Statement
  - Policy 8505 - Wellness Policy/Nutrient Standards for Meals & Other Foods
  - Policy 8550 - Outstanding Food Charges
  - Wellness Policy Assessment Tool
  - 2018-19 Free & Reduced Lunch Application Packet
  - 2018-19 Solicitud de Almuerzo Gratis o Reducido
  - SchoolCafe, Online Meal Payment System

 2018-19 Breakfast Menus
 Elementary Breakfast Menu
 Memorial Middle School
 Pt. Pleasant Boro High School

 September 2018 Lunch Menus
 Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School
 Ocean Road Elementary School
 Memorial Middle School
 Pt. Pleasant Boro High School

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Contact Information
 Jonathan Triebwasser
 Director of District Food Services
 2100 Panther Path
 Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
 (732) 701-1900 extension 2222

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