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District Installs Strobe Light Emergency Communications System

Maintaining a safe learning environment for the children of Point Pleasant Borough remains the Point Pleasant Borough School District’s top priority.

Recently, safety strobe lights were installed at all four Point Pleasant Borough Schools as part of the district’s ongoing commitment to school safety.

The strobe lights act as an integrated emergency communications system. In the event of an emergency, the strobe lights are activated, serving the dual purpose of alerting law enforcement personnel of the situation while communicating to any students, staff and parents who are outside the building to stay away and to not attempt to enter the building.

The lights will be used during safety procedures as well as during actual emergencies.

“The Point Pleasant Borough School District believes a proactive approach is the only approach to school safety,” said Superintendent of Schools Vincent S. Smith. “The strobe lights add an additional layer of security to the district’s already vigilant safety procedures.”

Please direct any questions about the strobe lights to your child’s school principal.

School Contact Information

Nellie F. Bennett Elementary School:
Principal: James Karaba (732) 701-1900 extension 5204 | jkaraba@pointpleasant.k12.nj.us

Ocean Road Elementary School:
Principal: Sheila Buck (732) 701-1900 extension 4111| sbuck@pointpleasant.k12.nj.us

Memorial Middle School:
Principal: Gary Floyd (732) 701-1900 extension 2300| gfloyd@pointpleasant.k12.nj.us

Point Pleasant Borough High School:
Principal: Kurt Karcich(732) 701-1900 extension 2205 | kkarcich@pointpleasant.k12.nj.us

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